Freight Forwarding

Do you need to manage shipments from receiving to delivery?
Our web-based hosted application helps to track operations and eliminate multiple data entry.


  • ♦ Dashboards for quick stats and quick access to information
  • ♦ Digital transfer to arriving container and its contents by customer and delivery route
  • ♦ Scanning of signed copies of customer manifest
  • ♦ Formalized quotation and subsequent usage as contract price
  • ♦ Billing allows support of Standard, Contract, or Quotation rates
  • ♦ Expanded billing functionality to allow adjustment of invoices and supporting documentation while container is in-transit
  • ♦ The ability to handle multiple originating ports (i.e. Seattle, Oakland, etc.)
  • ♦ Support of mobile device for the purpose of documenting damages by including photos of the inbound shipment and container contents
  • ♦ Integrates with QuickBooks
  • ♦ Customer portal

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