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Hosted IMIGIT™

The Hosted IMIGIT™ Document Management System is based on the physical storage methodology, where records are organized in virtual cabinets containing folders and documents. Each cabinet is configured with unique filing characteristics to meet your business needs. Hosted IMIGIT™ can be installed onsite at your facility or hosted on our cloud.


Image-Enabled Cloud Accounting (IECA) is a web-based accounting system consisting of General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management, Purchase Order, Sales Order Entry, and Inventory. Manage your externally received documents all in one place by integrating it with Hosted IMIGIT™.


AP-Assist will read your vendor's invoice, look-up the purchase order issued allowing you to compare vendor details such as total amount due, items ordered, unit quantity and price, and then create the payable in your accounting system. Exceptions can be addressed immediately thereby reducing your payables data entry duration and eliminating mistakes. AP-Assist comes standard with IECA.

Field Service

Our service solution suite has an advantage over most of the other field service software because ours is a comprehensive all-in-one solution targeted to field service businesses. Most of the other field service software solutions focus on the front-end operational tasks, but fall short with accounting features or integration, thereby requiring double entry or extra steps for integration. In addition, many do not support a full back-end document management solution which is fully integrated with the other modules. These additional features of document management, AP-Assist automation for vendor payables, integrated scanning, digital signature capture and a full accounting solution will save you time and streamline your workflow processes.

Freight Forwarding

The Freight Forwarding system allows a freight forwarder an automated method to manage shipments from receiving to delivery. The web-based hosted application helps to eliminate multiple data entry improving efficiencies, track operations reducing shipping errors, manage documents both internal and external, report on net profits by container, and it integrates with popular accounting software including IECA for invoicing customers. In addition, you can capture all your signed documents with the original dock receipts or freight bills.

Remote Capture

Image capture checks and perform CAR/LAR for check amounts. Import and export X9 files for presentment to and from the Federal Reserve Bank or ATM vendors. Remote Capture can create post files for FocusXP, FiServ, and Horizon systems. Extensive reports allow you to quickly balance your PODs and provide a detailed audit log.

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Document Scanning and Indexing

Trust New Angle Systems with your document imaging and document management requirements. Each customer's needs are unique - we create tailor document processing procedural workflows and quality assurance plans for each customer.

We handle each and every job with speed, efficiency, and accuracy using our proprietary cutting-edge technology. We can convert nearly any document you may have, including but not limited to, paper document imaging from standard to large format, engineering maps, building plans, patient records, invoices, HR documents, books, and x-rays.

Document Hosting

Our Hosted IMIGIT™ document management solution enables companies to electronically store, organize, print, email, fax and archive all types of information. Our solution can work with ISIS or with most Twain compatible scanners. Access your documents from anywhere using a web browser. Your data are secured and encrypted at-rest on our cloud servers and in-transit to your web browser. Our solution powers many companies throughout the world. Our Professional Services team can integrate your information to improve your business process, save time, increase productivity and revenues.

Printing and Mail Fulfillment

Virtual Print Services (VPS) allow an organization to add value and/or customize the output of existing software applications that cannot be enhanced or changed, either because they are shrink-wrapped packages or because they are legacy applications that are no longer supported. Existing software packages do not have to be changed. VPS can take output from the applications "as is".

Output can be modified for better readability and/or combined with other sources. For example, check images contained in a separate database can be combined with the output of a legacy banking system to create added-value bank statements.

Collaborated Bookkeeping

Let New Angle Systems handle all your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management, and General Ledger clerical needs using our premier accounting package, IECA. For A/P, we can enter and pay vendor invoices with your authorization, reconcile credit card charges monthly, and file GET monthly. For A/R, we can send invoices to customers, receive and deposit customer payments daily, and follow-up on customers in arrears. In Cash Management, we can reconcile bank checking accounts monthly and monitor checkbook register and bank balance trends. In G/L, we can maintain your chart of accounts and journal entries to maintain balanced and accurate ledgers and financial reports for your CPA.

On-Premises IT

Outsource your Information Technology department to us. We can maintain your workstations, printers, office network, and work-from-home VPN. Before we begin, we will take inventory and assess your server and network infrastructure so we can provide you with the most cost-effective recommendations based on your specific needs and work environment. We'll ensure that your systems are patched with the latest security updates to shield your data from unauthorized access. A subscription to a monthly plan includes preventive maintenance, or you can pay on-demand.

VM and Backup Systems

IT Services can help you build your virtual environment to reduce the time needed for management and upkeep of your servers. In fact, we host our own applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) USA regions and on VMware ESXi systems at DR Fortress in Honolulu. We can also backup all your data using Synology file storage systems, which can be stored on removeable hard drives or securely uploaded to the cloud. Data is not only backed up and verified but also encrypted, so your data is protected at rest or in transmission.

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Our primary services are development and support of custom solutions and document imaging systems.


At New Angle Systems, we look at multiple approaches to ensure that the client's real issues are solved. We are able to do this through years of experience working with customers in various industries. The knowledge collected allows us to analyze a problem from different angles.


Businesses are built on building relationships. New Angle Systems is a local company in your neighborhood that you can trust with your data. We maintain strict security standards and go through a Type 1 SOC 2 Audit every year.


Commitment to Quality

We take pride in our work and ensure that the product or service we deliver is a benefit to your business and not a hinderance. If support is needed or you're not completely satisfied, we'll work with you to resolve the issue.

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